Ph.D. course ending. Post series beginning

Motivated by the inquiry about what we can learn in nature and how do we apply it in our daily lives, I recently defended the thesis “Between two natures: contributions of outdoor adventure education in managers formation” at Santa Catarina State University (Udesc).

I enter the world of Outdoor Adventure Education with field research tools, practical experience, questionnaires, and experiential activities. It has been 4 and a half years dedicated to understanding humility, prudence, strength, justice, friendship, and transcendence in adventure activities such as mountaineering, climbing, sailing, rafting, outrigger canoeing, canyoning, hiking, and trekking. 

I explored how the learnings gained in these environments are incorporated and applied in different aspects of our lives. From the ability to deal with uncertain and complex decision-making situations, to the duty, vocation, and meaning of life. 

I will share in a simple but in-depth way the key insights from the research in a series of posts:

– Outdoor adventure education  in a nutshell – what I learned by reading

– Flow in adventure activities  – what I learned by experiencing

– Leaders teaching (and learning) in adventure activities – what I learned by observing  

– Vocation, purpose and legacy – what I learned by reflectingLooking forward to the next theme post!

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