Author: Geovane Teixeira Manoel

Effects Of Transparency On Government Trust

Initially, when we consider an overview of the topic, the relationship between transparency and trust in government, through a literature review by Cucciniello, Porumbescu and Grimmelikhuijsen (2017), for example, found a predominance of the positive effect of transparency. Could it be that this positive scenario is the predominant one in international literature? However, other studies […]

Public transparency and governmental trust: contextualization and possible relationships of these themes.

Public transparency constitutes a relevant and notoriously necessary issue in the accounts of public entities and their component bodies in public administration. In addition to ensuring compliance with legal norms, transparency initiatives constitute a responsible management policy that favors the exercise of citizenship by the population (PLATT NETO et al., 2007).             Likewise, when we focus on […]

The virtue of trust and the admethics group: perspectives from studies in progress.

Trust is the basis of existing social relationships at all levels, and without it, social cohesion cannot exist (Sélles, 2020). Ethical behavior within a group depends on existing trust relationships (Colquitt et al., 2007; Hardin, 2002; Mayer et al., 1995). Trust in general is a multidisciplinary concept with a wide variety of definitions. Rousseau et al. (1998) define […]

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