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This site is about the research project “The Ethics In Practice Is Something Else – Understanding The Moral Dilemmas Experienced In Public Management” associated with Research Centre for Social Innovation in Public Sphere (ESAG/UDESC, Brazil).


  • To understand how the study of moral dilemmas can contribute to the debate about the rationalities in public organizations and their management.
  • Framework used to understand moral dilemmas: Moral Development Theory (moral reasoning), Guerreiro Ramos (rationality) and virtue ethics (Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and contemporary studies)

Current research projects

Research projects of masters and doctoral students linked to the main project (under development):

  • Laís Santos: The Ethics of Public Management in evidence: the Moral Dilemmas experienced in the Management of Risks and Disasters in Santa Catarina
  • Clara Ames: Virtue ethics and Public Administration
  • Everton S. de Souza: Moral Dilemmas and Social Innovations
  • Lucas Carregari: Spirituality and Moral Competence in Entrepreneurial Training groups
  • Bruno Castro: Gamification as an instrument for measuring moral competence in organizations

Research line: Ethics, epistemology and sociology of science in public administration


The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the AdmEthics Group

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