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The accessibility of neural networks to the public: possible uses and advances 

It is nothing new that neural network and machine learning tools have been in the hands of the qualified public for some time, as “challenges” have been carried out for years, where their own AI is compared to the performance of online players ( here ), but with computational capacity more than doubling in shorter […]

Democracy, Religion, and Politics: The Dilemmas of the 21st Century

This study explores the relationship between politics, religion, and democracy, pointing to potential challenges for democracy and considering the importance of popular participation for its legitimacy. Considering the consequences that arise from the participation of religious groups in society as public entities, we ask: what is the best way to evaluate public discussions about controversial […]

What is Artificial Intelligence? (Part 3)

I started this series of posts here, discussing the creation of the term “artificial intelligence” at the Dartmouth conference, focusing on the words and the scientific context. Subsequently, I moved from the historical context to the broader history here, showing that artificial intelligence has been in people’s imaginations for much longer, not just in the […]

Once again, virtue

This short text seeks to bring to our attention an aspect defined by the Scottish philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre in his ethics: as moral agents, we, human beings, are rational and dependent animals. In the book Dependent Rational Animals, published in 1999, MacIntyre seeks to support his point of view that virtues are essential for human […]

In search of the public ethos: Is the Unified National Competition an alternative for selecting new public servants with a vocation for public service?  

Aristotle designated ethos as constructing an image of a speaker’s character. In this sense, ethos appears as the moral character trait that the speaker must present. Another meaning that complements the first is related to a habit or custom, such as virtue and rational reflections based on values and the human experience of acting on […]

Relevance of Game Theory in the Context of Artificial Intelligence

A brief introduction to those unfamiliar with Game Theory should start from the assumption that it is not about games in the ordinary sense. Such theory suggests a mathematical approach to ensuring a response for more significant gain or lesser loss in situations involving two or more players. In essence, game theory studies the decision-making […]

Effects Of Transparency On Government Trust

Initially, when we consider an overview of the topic, the relationship between transparency and trust in government, through a literature review by Cucciniello, Porumbescu and Grimmelikhuijsen (2017), for example, found a predominance of the positive effect of transparency. Could it be that this positive scenario is the predominant one in international literature? However, other studies […]

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