Author: Letícia Jahn Souza

The Fake News Phenomenon and Its Impacts on Contemporary Society

What happened to Fake News from a simple fake news that circulates on the networks to a concept with the first and last name? How has this become a pandemic like the one we live in today? Any individual knows what Fake News is – those news stories with eye-grabbing headlines in bottle letters, which […]

Admethics researchers’ paper awarded at the XLV ANPAD Conference

Professors Maria Clara Figueiredo Dalla Costa Ames and Mauricio Custódio Serafim had awarded the paper “Moral Virtues and Phronesis of Pro-Life Volunteers: A Study of Multiple Cases in the Light of the Ethics of Virtues” (“Virtudes Morais e Phronesis de Voluntários Pró-vida: Um Estudo de Casos Múltiplos à Luz da Ética das Virtudes”) presented at […]

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