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Meeting july 12th, 2017

The group members submitted two articles to the EnANPAD academic event and both were approved. They are: Teaching ethics in the field of Public Administration, Mauricio, Marcello, Silvia and Martha. The Phronesis Study in Organizations: A Systematic Review, by Clara, Mauricio and Marcello. The idea of seeking to publish articles in international journals A1 / […]

Meeting june 21st, 2017

Discussion about Reason – Part I Reference: Marias, J. Introdução à Filosofia. São Paulo: Livraria Duas Cidades, 1995. Capítulo 5: A Razão. We began the discussion of the text “Reason”. The group addressed the following topics: Fallacies: suppression of the final cause, polylogism (a term coined by von Mises) and nominalism. The etymology of the […]

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