What’s New on the AdmEthics Blog

This week, we will not reflect on a topic or bring a short article. Today, we want to talk about our blog and introduce you to some news!

For those who don’t know, AdmEthics is a research group linked to the Department of Public Administration and the ‘Public Administration and Society’ line of the Graduate Program in Administration at ESAG/UDESC. To learn more about our work and members, click here and here!

However, we do not have only an institutional bond in common. We share a passion for writing and the topics of our research. That’s why we have this blog! More than a tool for communication, the blog is a space where we can post our reflections and short texts on the subjects that interest us. To remember what they are, click here!

On this journey, we met many people who also like to read about ethics, virtues, moral dilemmas, etc. Thus, we decided to adopt two tools so that you, the reader, can more easily follow our posts.

First, we created a channel on Substack, a tool that connects writers and readers. Register here! You can follow through the browser or download an app on your cell phone.

The other option to follow us is Instagram, a well-known social network. Follow the @adm.ethics group and follow our posts weekly, as well as additional information, videos, and photos related to our group.

That’s it! Now it’s easier to follow our publications. We are waiting for you on Substack or Instagram.

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