The AI-generated art Debate

Recently a discussion has become quite flashy among so many others on the Internet, reaching not only people inserted in the middle but also the “mainstream” media. This is the case of the “art against AI” debate, which took a war tone between the parties.

           This theme gained popularity with the direct advance of technologies that enable the creation of texts or images through a prompt of words with the help of artificial intelligence, directly bringing a great competitor to these sectors, inevitably creating controversies. Among the disagreements, we have more objectives, such as using art without authors’ consent to train these artificial intelligence systems. Still, discussions tend to surround subjectivity, especially in art, a subjective theme, which makes this discussion even more complex.

           Most artists’ community demonizes the existence of images made using this new method, claiming that because a human being does not create, it cannot be considered art, as far as its creation would not involve creativity. The defenders of this type of tool advocate that it is a democratization of the artistic environment since not very advanced knowledge can create images of reasonable quality, different needs, and at a reduced price.

           Even with all the controversies, the AI market has been uncovered by companies that are trying everything to get a slice of this market, including giants like Google and Microsoft. They are bringing news even faster to this niche, which, together with the creation of new technologies and improvement of old technologies, has been generating discoveries of features that a few years ago were not imaginable, further demonstrating that technology has not yet reached a peak. 

It is a fact that technological advances make several jobs previously exercised by humans obsolete. Still, if we were based only on this, we would not have left the typewriters aside, so even with the contrary arguments, these changes are inevitable, and neither can nor should be avoided. The discussion then becomes how the world will adapt to all the changes this new type of technology brings.

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