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Moral dilemmas in Emergency Management: a reflection on ethical choices

The challenges presented in the management of tragedies – such as environmental disasters – and the way in which they differ from everyday life require preventive reflection that prepares public managers for the moral dilemmas and ethical choices that those situations impose. The importance of connecting ethics in emergency management is advocated by Naomi Zack […]

Ethics of Disasters: considerations on the field and reading suggestions

In terms of continental dimensions, environmental and climatic disasters are a chronic and recurrent problem in Brazil (Valencio, 2014), representing a significant challenge for governments and communities (Pedroso & Holm-Nielsen, 2017). As recent events of great magnitude of this nature occurred in early 2019, we can mention Vale tragedy in Brumadinho (MG), caused by a […]

When disasters strike, people are not the only victims: reflections on the ethics of disasters and the animal ethics

During a natural disaster such as floods, droughts, fires and hurricanes, usually the first thoughts that come to our minds – as ordinary citizens who do not work in areas specializing in crisis management – are that we must protect our lives and property, right? But what kind of life are we talking about? As […]

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