Researchers from the research group AdmEthics of Esag/Udesc publish article in an international scientific journal of Business Ethics

Maria Clara Ames, a professor and PhD student in Business Administration, together with professors Maurício Serafim and Marcello Zappellini published this June/2020 the article Phronesis in administration and organizations: A literature review and future research agenda, in one of the most prominent international scientific journals on Ethics in Administration, Business Ethics: A European Review (

The article deals with the virtue of prudence, phronesis in its Aristotelian root, from the perspective of virtue ethics. Prudence has been defined as someone’s wisdom or practical disposition to act morally, and it has been studied and reinterpreted by different fields of research, including Public Administration, Business and Economic Sciences. The authors review the literature on prudence and discuss its definitions, themes, perspectives, and repercussions for administrative practice. This work integrates the studies for the development of the first author’s PhD thesis in Administration.

The Journal of Business Ethics: European Review is one of the most important international journals on Business Ethics, alongside the Journal of Business Ethics and Business Ethics Quarterly, and its scope covers issues from business to macro, societal and public policy issues.

The authors would like to invite the academic community to know about this work, as well as the research lines developed in the AdmEthics research group ( The journal’s link to access the publication is

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