Researchers from the AdmEthics Group publish an article on teaching of ethics in public administration courses

Doctoral student Laís S. Santos, Prof. Mauricio C. Serafim and Prof. Marcello B. Zappellini, from ESAG and researchers from the AdmEthics Group and NISP, in partnership with Professors Silvia Maria K. C. Zappellini and Martha K. Borges, published the article “Teaching of ethics in public administration courses: An analysis from Pedagogical Projects of Course and the National Curricular Guidelines” in the “Education Policy Analysis Archives” journal.

In view of the inclusion of ethics teaching as a basic disciplinary content and indispensable to student formation in the National Curricular Guidelines (DCN) of the undergraduate course in Public Administration, the authors had an interest in knowing how their teaching is worked and assists in the formation of undergraduate courses in Public Administration in Brazil. For that, they carried out a documentary research in Pedagogical Projects of Courses (PPC) of the “Public Field”, as the courses that make up this field are being called.

The discussion on ethics teaching meets one of the lines of research of the NISP, called “Ethics, epistemology and sociology of science in Public Administration”, whose objective is “to understand the processes of facing ethical and moral dilemmas by public managers”. In addition, the article is part of a series of papers and projects developed by the AdmEthics Group on how the study of moral dilemmas can contribute to the debate about rationality in the management of public organizations.

The full article is available on the open Access journal link:

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