Research groups

HHL – Leipizig Graduate School Of Management 
Led by Professor Doctor Andreas Suchanek, the research groups directed by him covers areas of corporate responsibility, truth and integrity management, social science economics methodology and business ethics, the latter being strongly focused on the conceptual development of economic ethical theory. Much of ethics research involves the application of theories related to it, to current moral and economic issues.
Indian Institute Of Management Calcutta 
The Group of Ethics and Business Communication of the University of Calcutta, addresses studies related to business ethics and its management space, using concepts of Philosophy, Political Theory, Language Studies, Literary Studies, Human Values, among others. Seeking to influence the students of the research group in relation to ethical values ​​in business and development of research that aspire to contribute to the management, humanistic, social and cultural practice.
The University Of Cheffield
Research lines based on integrity and ethics in organizations, having as premises, research and innovation responsibilities, good research and innovation practices, policies and guidelines on integrity and ethics found in the surveys, which are available on the website.
Universidad Del Rosario 
Existing since 1998, it is guided by the aspects of applied ethics, work and social responsibility. The research group is concerned with the centrality of the reflection on the relations of the city from the 1991 Constitution, related to transformations in labor relations, corporate responsibility towards society and the role they influence in the formation of citizenship.
Middlesex Universiry – London
Research Group on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Ethics that likes an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach. Current work includes a series of seminars on emerging / developing economies, collaborative research on non-market strategies, and others. More information on partnerships and studies on the website.
Jindal Global Business School – India
The main objective of this research group is focused on the development of management in the area of ​​ethics, intelligent spirituality and sustainability and how these concepts converge in the field of business and social ethics in order to achieve the nature and the resources linked to it.
University of Liverpool – Inglaterra
Research group on religion, ethics with a focus on practical philosophy. The philosophical interests of this research group are diverse, emphasizing the ethics, philosophy of religion, environmental philosophy, political philosophy, Indian philosophy and history of philosophy, aiming at the importance of practicing the studies carried out.
University of Kent – The UK’s European University – Reino Unido
Research group focusing on applied research in ethics and integrity. The general objective of this research group is to fill the historical gap between the study of ethics as a purely academic understanding and the current practice of teaching and research. Seeking to understand how the lack of integrity and ethics has affected the practices of research carried out in several sectors of the market.

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