Outrigger Canoe practice and virtue development: An activity with the business ethics postgraduate students

Its is Monday at 21th of October.  Drizzle weather to brave students of Virtues and Moral Dilemmas in Administration class – postgraduate elective discipline at ESAG/ UDESC, show their character endure in participating the extraclass activity with Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes canoeing in Lagoa da Conceição – Florianópolis/Santa Catarina State.

The purpose of the activity was to provide a safe experience of the hawaiian canoe tradition in a controlled environment for non-experts, in order to stimulate the development of virtues through natural environment experience. In addition, the participants contributed to the exploratory study of a working thesis on the subject, developed by professor and doctoral student Lucas Carregari Carneiro on behalf of Admethics Research Group and supervised by principal professor and PhD Maurício Serafim.

After technical explanation and safety procedures, participants had a lectural journey in Polynesian culture with Francisco Felipe Dowsley – Kanaloa Va’a instructor.  (https://www.instagram.com/kanaloavaa/). During practice in natural environment, real challenges were given. The participants needed to organize themselves to achieve their goals and character traits such as persistence, self-control, curiosity, determination and self-confidence were nurtured in the activity.

Classical virtues studied during the semester in the classroom, such as humility (magnanimity), fortitude (courage), temperance (self-mastery), justice and prudence, were the base discussion with the group after the activity. Positive feedback from participants indicates a potential for business ethics teaching through natural environmental activities.

The admethics participants were the doctorate students Maria Clara Ames, Laleska Lebioda, Camila Pagani, Gabriela Buffon and Marília Ribas.

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