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Have you ever thought about being part of a research group?

Participating in a research group is essential for graduate students. Still, many do not know that it can be an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students or volunteer researchers interested in deepening their knowledge on specific subjects.

These groups are not just for masters and doctoral students to write the famous dissertations and theses. Research also involves projects, scientific articles for magazines, and works for events. Thus, in addition to delving into a subject you like, it is an excellent entryway for those who want to follow the academic area, boost their curriculum, and, above all, learn.

Today we want to promote our research group, AdmEthics. Our objective is to improve the theoretical knowledge and practice of Ethics in Administration through an interdisciplinary framework for the study of moral phenomena and their implications for human actions and the development of public and professional life.

The group’s guiding approaches are the ethics of virtues and rationality in the field of organizations, having as topics of interest: moral dilemmas, ethical deliberation, phrónesis, theories of moral development, moral competence, character, common good, moral imagination, the dignity of the human person, moral capital, substantive theory of organizations, parenthetical attitude, the gift theory, theories of action, spirituality-religiosity, ethics and virtues and their interfaces with Economics, Finance, Law and Administration.

If you are interested in what we just said, have any questions, or want to know the group better, click here.

Follow the next posts until the end of this month to know more about our research, events, and opportunities for 2022!

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