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So, are you going to attend any event this year?

Contact with other professionals and students, updated content, exciting conversations. There are countless reasons to attend academic events! If you’re an undergraduate student, you’ve probably seen a poster advertised by the University or even listened to one. However, have you ever thought about submitting any work?

A few months before registration, the organizing institutions publish the calls for submissions, including full articles, abstracts, posters. The benefits… don’t even need to explain much! As a listener, you already learn; just imagine presenting your work and still receiving advice and contributions from professionals and colleagues in the area.

Anyway, don’t bury your ideas. Look for the events that will occur this year and see if any of them fit with what you want to research or what you already have done but didn’t know where to publish it yet.

To make it easier, let’s go over some events that have everything to do with the topics that AdmEthics studies:

2º Bel Seminars (online)

EnAPG e EnANPAD 2022 (online)


11º Congresso IAE


8º Encontro Brasileiro de Administração

XIV Congresso de Administração, Sociedade e Inovação (online)


Congresso Internacional de Administração


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