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Can you be a researcher? Yes, you can!

Last week we talked about research groups and introduced AdmEthics. Today we will talk about the actors of these groups: the researchers!

When we think of a scientist or a researcher, the image of a laboratory full of security or a solitary thinker poring over books often comes to mind. While the first recalls something inaccessible, the other seems too nerd. That is why we are here to change that conception. First, we want to show that our society lacks many presuppositions for intellectual life to be better understood by everyone. In this regard, we recommend these courses on Youtube to understand the benefits of a life that seeks knowledge.

Afterward, we would also like to point out that you may have already met at the University with several people who share your interests and could be your partners in projects and research. We want to bring you closer to them. To do so, click here and meet the AdmEthics members. Perhaps you might find someone who is already researching what you intend to study!

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