Author: Thales Fischer Flores

The accessibility of neural networks to the public: possible uses and advances 

It is nothing new that neural network and machine learning tools have been in the hands of the qualified public for some time, as “challenges” have been carried out for years, where their own AI is compared to the performance of online players ( here ), but with computational capacity more than doubling in shorter […]

A student’s perceptions amid the popularization of Artificial Intelligence

With the popularization of tools such as GPT chat, google Bard, and several other generative AIs, the student’s daily life has been changing a lot; after all, having an extensive list of potent tools in easy access could not fail to generate significant impact. Repetitive activities that previously took hours now take minutes, allowing us […]

Artificial intelligence, a bridge between generations

We are rapidly becoming involved in an environment where artificial intelligence becomes not an exception in our activities but the rule; the influence of this technology is increasing exponentially due to the competition among market giants for their share of this innovation. But how does this affect the access to technology by individuals not well […]

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